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Music has been an odyssey for Ulises. In epic poetry, the plot presupposes a heroic protagonist and his long wandering across the world marked by the drama of departure from home, a farewell to household gods and his embrace of self-reliance, the thrill of adventure in the process that eclipses nostalgia and carries him on and on against all odds, through the twists and turns of fortune, new experiences that put all basic assumptions to test, learning anew on the go, honing skills and mastering talents, all leading to personal development... Then, coming back to where he started, but as an utterly different person. It is just for Ulises the journey is not over yet — if it is ever to culminate altogether. After all, the universe of music is infinite.

Berlin-based Argentinian DJ and multi-instrumentalist, Ulises eagerly prolongs his journey through music by producing more of its substance. In doing so, he creates a whole new galaxy for all of us to explore — the scope that artfully amalgamates the elements of various indigenous forms and the strands of cutting-edge methodology; the eternal spirit and new visions of music; the enigma and science of sound. The results are mesmerizing — intimately familiar and marvelously strange, at once.

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