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Scorpios Music is an anticipation of the synesthetic future of music and a vindication of its potentiality as a transformative medium. It is a cross-modal expedition reaching into the depths and heights of sonic culture; searching the length and breadth of the field for the new. It is a journey through territories both mapped and uncharted – traversing the vast expanse of ingrained genres and roving through an ever-shifting terrain of experimental textures. Scorpios Music is a mission that aims at capturing and conveying the essence of music; uncovering the obscure and nuanced relationships between its past, present, and future. A showcase that reveals the confluence of various cultural traditions and post-modern innovations; the crossing points of divergent currents, and the intricate interplay of the most distant, seemingly unrelated and incompatible forms. It is an explication of the connection between the spirit of music and its techne; an endeavor to realize the synesthetic potential of music to bridge the neural pathways of sound, sight, smell, taste, touch, and thought. Music as a ritual, as a form of being together in our dissociative times.

Above all, Scorpios Music is a testimony to just how – in concrete experiential terms – music is the most vigorous, meaningful, and beautiful language in the world.